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Stress may be a divisor among the employees. Structure life is kind of trying new technologies, world competition; competitive pressures have increased the woes of employees in recent times. Employees who are stressed are a mass of chances to be unhealthy, poorly impelled, less fat and less safe at work. This work proposes to realize the extent of stress among garment employees in choosing companies in the province, Tamilnadu, Haryana, Karnataka, and Kerala the brick ways, pliability they use to manage stress. The study method was descriptive and also the samples for the study were designated through a convenient sampling technique. The respondents of the study were four hundred garment employees. The study was conducted within the four major states in India. The aim of this study examining activity, stress levels and conjointly distinguishing the stress mechanism and pliability among the employees of Garment companies in India.

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Dr. R. Venkatesh, & Dr. Rohit Bansal. (2020). Occupational Stress, Coping Strategy Mechanism, And Pliability Of Garment Employees: A Structural Equation Model Approach . GIS Business, 15(1), 331-339. Retrieved from