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Where PNB is fighting with NPA of 3,800crore, where the growth rate of economy is lying between 7-8%, there is a portfolio which is growing with the rate of 84%. This is world of micro finance which is batting hard where people took small loan and return them on time. Not a single case of fraud registered yet.

Micro finance institute opened a door of hope for the women who are uneducated, poor, unemployed as well as deprived. Micro finance is the place which reaches to these women and provided financial services in form of easy loan, savings account, insurance and loan as per qualifications.

This paper aims to find does micro finance really help women in being more confident, more positive, and independent? Is it really empower women by improving their decision making power? For this study tier III city was selected as they are true representative of mix crowd of semi urban and semi rural population in Gujarat.

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