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Tourism is considered one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world. It’s high Growth and growth rates bring significant foreign currency revenues, Infrastructure development, job creation, regional growth, economic multiplier The effects and introduction of new management and educational experience are seriously affecting different types The sectors of the economy, they are positively impacted by social and economic development Country. However, this industry has many negative socio-economic and Cultural influences on local communities. Therefore, the study considers the main social and economic Impacts of local community tank tourism development in the Vellore area of ​​Tamil Nadu. This study mainly aims to identify the social and economic impacts on the local community and their perception of the development of the tourism industry. The study has been mixed the methodology and data are generated by structured questionnaire survey, personalized Interviews and discussions. The study identified that the community has developed positive attitudes Tourism development and community accept tourism as a major source of income through active and passive participation. The hotel has also taken several policy decisions Procedures to ensure the benefits of tourism to the local community. Usually Industry has created positive and negative impacts on the region. However, the negative Impacts are at the lowest level compared to positive impacts. It is recommended we need to have more social awareness and education programs in order to have positive benefits to minimize the negative impacts of tourism. Social empowerment and their capacity building are very important in this context.

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V. Balaraman, & Dr. S. Dhanasekaran. (2020). Socio - Economic aspects of Tourism Development and Its Impact on Local Residents in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu. GIS Business, 15(2), 10-22. Retrieved from