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Psychological learning its capacity for learning from analyzing other people's choices as well as the results of such decision-making tactics; are detrimental to human development and social progress. The web today offers unparalleled social value. But using this indication correctly needs the ability to deduct various facts and figures. We investigated how the amount of comments affect human’s personal understanding of the customer review ratings; a possible predictor for both the success about an object as well as the actual overall review rates. The objective has been to gather statistical data about consumer behavioral facts. We modeled the attributes of "an intuitive researcher" between a statistical preliminary data particularly in comparison to the conduct of the investigational respondents in hundreds of feedbacks published on Under some cases a commodity with much more ratings were compared to the item with less ratings, on applying the mathematical formula which suggested that the first one is considerably of lower value than the second. Generally, the views of respondents indicated that concrete analytical assumptions could not be achieved by them.

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