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The demand for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) is increasing day by day. Today we are witnessing a lot of brands of FMCG products in the Indian market. But the question is how much these brands are satisfying the customers’ needs in the Indian market. Keeping this point in view, the paper endeavours to highlight how much the customers are satisfiedwith the brands of FMCG products. Existing literature shows that product quality, service quality, perceived value and financial benefit actually affect customer satisfaction. So analysis in this paper is made to see the correlation with customer satisfaction to other independent variables selected. The relationship between the dependent and independent variables in the study has been analyzed using Regression Analysis. The study is carried out in Tinsukia town, Assam with the total sample size of 375 selected on a quota sampling basis.

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Dr Subhadeep Chakraborty, & Subhadeep Mukherjee. (2020). A Study on Customer’s Satisfaction towards Brands of Select Fast Moving Consumer Goods. GIS Business, 15(2), 88-103. Retrieved from