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“Human life” is a most key asset and Life insurance is the most significant type of insurance, which provides monetary fortification to an individual and his relatives at the time of undecided risks or break. ‘Life insurance’ provides both safeties, fortification to persons too motivates reserves with people. Life Insurance Corporation of India plays essential role in the comfort of human well-being by given that, insurance to more people alongside life risks, such as unsure loss or misfortune. Policyholders are not fully aware about the concept and details relating to e-Insurance services provided by insurance companies. The measurement of policyholder’s awareness, technology and service attributes and indentifying the gap becomes more important for E-Insurance.  Policyholders of insurance companies still right of entry services through conformist channels, which provide face to face services.  They do not come forward to use the E-Services offered by insurance industries, because they do not trust the technology and services, at the same time they are afraid of adopting technology innovation given by insurance companies.  Technology services proffer increased elasticity and manage, and set aside time.  Policyholders only made use of the payment through Debit, credit card and net banking.

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