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Different aerosols scatter or absorb sunlight to varying degrees depends on physical properties. Aerosol can have a major impact on climate when they scatter light. It plays major role in energy transfer between land and atmosphere. The variation of meteorological parameters and solar radiation has been studied with the help of MBLM-NET over a Ranchi capital of Jharkhand i.e. located at latitude 23.35°N and longitude 85.33°E near the Tropic of Cancer with an altitude up to 1142m above msl for the period of Nov 2012 to Dec 2013 . The Albedo percentage was 20.64 in summer as well as 17.29 percentages in winter. From the interpretations we initiate that the decline in Albedo is due to low temperature, high relative humidity as well as high wind speed but in summer months it increases and aerosol concentration was up to 0.766. It plays pivotal role in cooling the surface and reflecting sunlight back to space.

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Smriti Priya, & Manoj Kumar. (2020). Seasonal Variation in meteorological parameters and formation of aerosols in bird’s “Rinchi” place RANCHI. GIS Business, 15(3), 34-50. Retrieved from