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In this study, it has been discussed about the postgraduate students’ perception and attitude towards utility of mobile banking services (M-Banking) with a special reference to Chennai city.  It is difficult to group the post graduate students’ in a sample as such the population of Chennai city is large in number. The impacts of various demographic factors on Postgraduate students’ perception and attitude towards mobile banking services have been studied.  For estimating different marvels and investigating the gathered information successfully and effectively for reaching sound inferences, Chi-Square (X2) test has been utilized and for examining the different elements answerable for administrations through Mobile banking, ranking was done on the basis of weighted scores and scoring was also done on the basis of scale .  With this background a survey was conducted among 262 Postgraduate students’ in Chennai to study the Youngsters attitude and perception towards utility of mobile banking services. Hence, this study is made to evaluate the knowledge, general and variable effects about the Post graduate students’ perception and attitude.

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K. PADMANABAN, & T. JOSEPH. (2020). A Study On Emerging Society (Post Graduate Students’) Perception And Attitude Towards Of Holistic Approach (Mobile Banking) Services In Chennai City. GIS Business, 15(3), 74-83. Retrieved from