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At the globalized period of India, financial development of a nation profoundly relies upon the cooperation of women in the development of that nation. Be that as it may, for a male ruled society like India where greater part of populace lives in country areas, it is exceptionally hard for a lady to think going to build up their own business. Business enterprise among women has been an ongoing worry in rustic India. Woman Entrepreneur is an individual who acknowledges provoking job to meet her own needs and become monetarily independent. In India around millions of women entrepreneurs are working and predominantly they are slanted towards littler estimated firms, as just about 98 percent of women claimed organizations are smaller scale ventures. This paper primarily worried about the women entrepreneurship development in urban areas of Tamil Nadu of India. This study featured the present situation of women entrepreneurship and their commitment in monetary strengthening of rustic territories of India with MSME Schemes. This paper likewise centers on the future possibilities on business for women with visionaries and government activities aimed at making progressively fruitful to women entrepreneurs.

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