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This article analyzes Farabi's economic views on education and training.

According to Farobi, the main thing in urban planning is the proper distribution of property and luxury. The amount of food that is needed, the size of the land, the palace and the individual house, should be taken into account. Reminiscences of the Forobian distribution are very difficult but necessary. Farobi explains that it is not a bad habit to own a property as opposed to a worthless property because it is better to live in poverty if the property is honestly collected. If the wealth accumulates for the sake of the soul, then the person will be ashamed one day. Thus, abstaining from profit is better than gain obtained by any means unjust. Forobian goes into great detail about ways to gain wealth. The set of honest cases is: education, which is a prerequisite for laws that are worthwhile for the sake of generating property that is harmless to the offspring and respecting the soul and the body. Things that hurt others will only get worse. Abandoning harm is better than pursuing a pest because the purpose of education and law is to keep people from doing bad things.

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