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The paper evaluates the weakness of formative movements which is taking place in the upper part of Bhagirathi river system. The region which has been under consideration is the region falling between Dundaareas to Bhatwari area located in Garhwal Himalayan Valley. The landslides have been studied with the help of Geographic Information System (GIS). Alandslide risk defencelessness zonation map has been organised utilizing together pairwise examination network and load of proof strategies. Weakness of the formative exercises like structures, streets and different components regarding landslide powerlessness risk zone map has been surveyed. So as to comprehend the landslide weakness of the examination zone, landslide densities have been determined utilizing different parameters like soil surface, waste, land use and land spread, slant, geography, structure, soil thickness overseeing the event of landslides.

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Ruchi Saraswat, Surya Prakash, & Shilpa Pal. (2020). Application of GIS in the Assessment of Vulner ability of Developmental Exercises with reference To landslides in Garhwal Region of Himalaya. GIS Business, 15(3), 148-160. Retrieved from