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Endorsers influence positive attitude towards a brand and the products because of their credibility and Endorser‘s perceived personality characteristics can get associated with a brand‘s imagery.Consumers associate varying degree of credibility with different information sources (Dean, 1999). It is believed that the more credible the source, the more persuasive the endorser is likely to be influencing the acceptance of ad message by the audience.Besides this, it is also believed that endorsers possess some symbolic attributes which consumers associate with the brand. By purchasing, owning and consuming those brands, consumers see themselves as possessing those desired attributes.


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Ms.Reena Gabriel, & Dr.G.Bhuvaneswari. (2020). Factors of Brand Personality Attributes, Product tributes, Celebrity Information Influence The Consumer Buying Behaviour in Ice Creams: A Study With Special Reference To Selected Consumers From Chennai City. GIS Business, 15(5), 302-314. Retrieved from