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Organizational culture is a largely popularized and widely studied variable due to its importance in the modern industrialized world. However, not many researches had been carried out to identify the key determinants of the organizational culture in the context of Information Technology (IT) organizations. The present study aims to examine the role of organizational policies and organizational attitudes in determining the organizational culture existing in the IT organizations in India. The study selected Bangalore, the IT hub of India as the study region. A sample of 500 IT employees was selected from various IT organizations in Bangalore using convenient sampling. A survey was carried out using a structured questionnaire, which was distributed among this sample. The data gathered through survey were analyzed using linear regression with the help of SPSS. The findings revealed that organization policies significantly affect the organizational culture existing in IT organizations in India. However, organizational attitude did not produce any significant impact on organizational culture. Based on these findings, the author gave some suggestions and also indicated certain future scope.

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