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Electronic marketing is underutilized at it stand and companies are choosing to go online because their competitors are as well such a study is scarce in developing economy like Nigeria. In this respect, a survey study was conducted to ascertain the extent electronic marketing can of effect customer’s perceptions. Specifically, this study ascertained the effect of mobile marketing on customer’s perceptions in Nigeria; as well determine the effect of internet marketing on customer’s perceptions in Nigeria. Survey research design was adopted. Population being infinite, sample size was determined using Cochran’s equation of infinite population developed to yield a representative sample for proportions which apportioned between the academic and non-academic marketers

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Olise, Moses Chigbata, Otugo, Nkiru Esther, & Nwafor, Pius Kanayo. (2020). Electronic Marketing: A Survey of Customer’s Perceptions in South-East Nigeria. GIS Business, 15(6), 1-20. Retrieved from