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This article discusses the possibility of achieving effective results on the contribution of a work to world literature by studying issues of advanced creative psychology, a creative concept, aesthetic taste, beliefs in world literature using the example of Abdulla Qodiriy.One of the most important issues is the study of the life and work of AbdullaQodiriy, who covered the criteria of literature in his works and contributed to our national literature. In addition, the fact that the work of Abdulla Qodiriy “Bygone  Days” has not lost its relevance today and is gaining popularity in world literature is a reflection of the fact that our national traditions are spread all over the world.

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Qodiriy Mahzuna Shavkataliyevna. (2020). Abdulla Qodiriy’s “Bygone Days” – The Insistent Light of World Recognition. GIS Business, 15(6), 106-114. Retrieved from