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This study aims to study key factors and required competency for life insurance agents and its results will lead to the development and promotion of required competency for life insurance agents in response to changes of environment. The author has applied constructivism and phenomenological strategies of inquiry along with the use of interview form as the research tool. Two population groups are interviewed: 1) 20 informants on life insurance agent’s required competency, and 2) 11 auditors who verify and certify competency model of life insurance agent. Triangulation is used in verifying collected data to ensure the reliability. The study results reveal that key factors in developing the required competency for life insurance agents include: 1) steering and attaching importance to the executive’s competency development, 2) new technology and innovation systems for human replacement, 3) changed customer behaviors and needs, 4) development programs and/or training suitable for the competency and position, 5) evaluation of life insurance agent’s competency, 6) finance and budget for competency development and promotion, and 7) enthusiasm and dedication in proactive self-learning and development. Besides, the core competency is examined revealing that the core competency consists of knowledge (2 items), skill (3 items), and attribute (5 items). Likewise, functional competency comprises knowledge (4 items), skill (8 items), and attribute (5 items) as well.

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