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A difference between domestic and international logistics management operations generates different ways to enhance a firm's global capabilities. All concerned parties need to understand approaches to bring organization to be successful in cross-border operation. This article aims to investigate the previous studies on measuring logistics performance and government administration. The suitable elements in measuring logistics performance include customs, infrastructure, services, international shipment, tracking and tracing, and timeliness. For measuring government administration, this paper proposed two aspects: open government and cooperation. However, the research concludes that government is an integral part of developing logistics performance for border-crossing operations. The environmental aspect is also crucial for a sustainable logistics process in the supply chain.

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Hasamon Pengman, Mustakim Bin Melan, & Suhaila Abdul Hanan. (2021). MEASURING THE LOGISTICS PERFORMANCE AND GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION IN CROSS-BORDER OPERATIONS. GIS Business, 16(2), 106-126. Retrieved from