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This present study assesses the relationship between tenure boardroom heterogeneity and corporate social responsibility in Nigeria. The ex-post facto research design was employed and data for tenure heterogeneity of the boardroom, corporate social responsibility index, firm size, and age were sourced and computed for the sampled companies from 2010-2019 periods. The descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data. Given the outcome of ordinary least square revealed that age and tenure heterogeneities do not matter for CSR.  The study therefore, concluded that firm size and age play fundamental roles in the relationship between boardroom heterogeneity and CSR in Nigeria. The study recommended that elongated tenure of boardroom members should be discouraged by all means, such that a member of the boardroom should not have more than 3-5years of tenure in office.

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Egolum, Priscilla U, Ezejiofor, Raymond A., & Eze, Maria N. (2021). Tenure Boardroom Heterogeneity and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: A Study of Industrial Goods Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria. GIS Business, 16(1), 60-68. Retrieved from