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Since consumers are the turning point of all marketing activities. Successful marketing begins with the understanding of why and how consumers behave. In today's competitive world, most companies emphasize customer preservation as the key to success. The present study is, in terms of purpose, of applied research type, because the findings The research can be used to solve executive issues. In other words, after performing statistical tests and discussing and concluding, we can examine the factors affecting brand equity. This research is also causally causal due to the nature and research approach because it seeks to investigate the impact between variables. The data gathering method is also a descriptive and correlational research and qualitative data type. The statistical population of this research is Samsung mobile phone customers in Tehran. The most important methods for data collection are this Research is library studies and field studies.

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Mehranrohanikahrizi, saeedsedaghati, & akrammastandehi. (2019). Investigating the Factors Affecting Consumer Affiliation to Brand. GIS Business, 14(3), 80-95. Retrieved from