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In this research, the researcher has been used qualitative research technique to understand the factors manipulate the reward management towards employee retention on the whole paper industries in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu. For this purpose, the researcher has been used to in-depth interview methods and interview of 200 respondents in the Namakkal region and its final took the questions 150 respondents as a randomly as for the convenient. The research was conducted during for the period of five months in the year of 2016 August to December. The study found that the major employee retention has been not been provided properly for the employees think that the salary that they are offered are often low compared to outside firms. Employees’ even compare their own salaries with that of their co-workers. This creates a situation of disconcert within the employee and they make decision of moving out in search of better pay. The problem here is that mostly the higher paid employees have more work experience with the company or is also amongst the one who has been a high performer.

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Praveenadevi, D., & Sakthivel, M. M. (2019). A Study on Factors Manipulate Reward Management towards Employee Retention on the Whole Paper Industries In Namakwa District Of Tamilnadu. GIS Business, 14(3), 129-138. Retrieved from