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The issue of poor waste management has become a very important issue of concern to various scholars in environmental studies. Effective waste management in Port Harcourt has been seen as one of the greatest issue being faced in Rivers State. It cannot be over emphasized that the generation of waste and its adverse effect has increased overtime. This paper critically looks into the ethical implications and effects of poor waste management in Rivers state with focus on Port Harcourt. Hence, this paper was able to establish that the failure of the government to enact environmental laws and punishing those found wanting and also providing the necessary working tools for waste managers have all resulted to poor waste management. Thus, the effects of all these cannot be over emphasized. This paper makes some significant recommendations for government, waste managers and the public in general on the necessity to adopt certain ethical principles and also to sensitize the populace on proper waste management. The paper in conclusion exposes some ethical implications and effects of poor waste management in Port Harcourt and how it has resulted to the city of Port Harcourt called the Garden City now been seen as a Tattered City.

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Sotonye, B.-A. (2019). The Garden City Now A Tattered City: Effects And Ethical Implications Of Poor Waste Management In Port Harcourt, Rivers State. GIS Business, 14(4), 130-137. Retrieved from