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The Indian mutual fund industry witnessed a remarkable performance in the past 30 years. After independence, with the joint effort of the Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India, the establishment of Unit Trust of India marked the beginning of the mutual fund industry in India. With the opening of mutual fund industry in India, investors started taking the advantage of multiple investment opportunities. This leads to increase in savings to the funds along with banks. Mutual funds have given consistent favorable returns over the past year despite of slow growth. For making an investment in a highly sophisticated and complex financial market, investors need the support of financial experts to take an informed decision. These financial experts are mutual funds who act as an intermediary. Association of Mutual Funds in India is established to protect the interests of mutual funds along with its unit holders and to ensure the development of Indian mutual fund industry on ethical and professional lines. Today, investors prefers to invest in mutual funds amongst other investment options as mutual funds ensures protection of their interest by making an optimum investment decision making. Investment in mutual funds proved to be advantageous to those investors who are ready to take higher risk in order to earn higher return but they lack adequate knowledge of the market.

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