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Published: Apr 1, 2016

Study and Analysis of Dividend Policies, Practice and Its Application in Mumbai based Corporate Houses

1-16 Smita Jape

Monthly Patterns in Egyptian Stock Market

17-24 Ahmed Ahmed, Sohair Ahmed

Mobile Money Landscape in the 12 SADC Countries using FinScope Survey Data

25-32 Kingstone Mutsonziwa

Determinants of Cumulative Abnormal Return: A Dynamic Approach

33-41 Kuchal Jubna, Santhakumar Shijin

Benchmarking of Indian Sectoral Mutual Funds - A Non-Separable Undesirable Output Model

42-52 Ram Pratap Sinha

Non-Linearity and Chaotic Behaviour in Cyprus Stock Market

1-8 Athina Bougioukou

Inspire: Geodata and geo services - Where do we stand with the implementation? Inspire: Geodaten und Geodienste - Wo stehen wir mit der Umsetzung?

40-47 Müller, A

Interview about data protection Interview zum Thema Datenschutz

.42-43 Höser, C, Müller, A

Is the revision of the training in geoinformation technology successful? Novellierung der Ausbildung in der Geoinformationstechnologie erfolgreich?

Rek, C

Thanks to GIS data: Risen from ruins Dank gis-daten: Auferstanden aus ruinen

24-26 Schnitzer, B, Bodirsky, E

The networking of information, people and machines Die Vernetzung von Informationen, Menschen und Maschinen

13-15 Eicher, A

Water and channel management Wasser- und Kanalmanagement

Olbrich, G

Climate monitoring by time series analysis Klimamonitoring durch Zeitreihenanalyse

32-35 Hoenig, H

Comprehensive, unique, well-founded - Recommendation to buy! Umfassend, einzigartig, fundiert - Kaufempfehlung!

53-55 Grote, T

Following up on Alexander Diegel-Bräuer, M. Sc. Nachgehakt - Bei Alexander Diegel-Bräuer, M. Sc.

Olbrich, G

GPS-based alignments of mobile communication antennas GPS-basierte Ausrichtung von Mobilfunkantennen

38-39 Djemaa, A

Hanau Public Utility Company: Introduction of a network information system Stadtwerke Hanau: Einführung eines Netzinformationssystems

Rameil, I